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Carboplatin Injection

Carboplatin Injection
Carboplatin Injection
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Product Description

Carboplatin, a cancer chemotherapy drug, is commonly used for the treatment of ovarian and lung cancer, along with many other forms of prostate cancer. The chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer consists of an atom of metal platinum that has great potential of damaging cancer cells.


  • Carboplatin 50mg/5ml
  • Carboplatin 150mg/15ml
  • Carboplatin 450mg/45m

Carboplatin Lyophilized

  • Carboplatin Lyophilized 50mg
  • Carboplatin Lyophilized 150mg
  • Carboplatin Lyophilized 450mg

How it is Administered

  • Carboplatin is usually given as an infusion into the vein (Intravenous, IV)

  • Through a central line, which is inserted under the skin into a vein near the collarbone or intra-peritoneal, directly into the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen

Side Effects
Some of the side effects that a person might experience while using Carboplatin are as follows. If you experience any of the following side effect immediately contact your doctor or chemotherapy nurse.

  • Lowered resistance to infection
  • Bruising or bleeding
  • Anemia
  • Feeling sick (nausea) and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tiredness and feeling weak
  • Numbness or tingling in hands or feet
  • Diarrhea


  • Carboplatin may interfere with the normal menstrual cycle (period) in women and may stop sperm production in men. Discuss about your fertility with the doctor before starting the treatment
  • Avoid pregnancy or becoming a father while taking chemotherapy treatment

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